When your MAN falls HARD

When your MAN falls HARD

As women, hearing the words “I love you” from the man you’ve been in a relationship with, never seems to get old.

If he hasn’t actually said the words, here are some indicators that may prove that love is just around the corner.

You know a guy is hooked when it’s a Monday night and he is willing to do whatever his girlfriend suggests. He starts to regularly pick her over his friends and Saturday night turns into “date night”.

He’s constantly overjoyed and appears more alive to his friends and family. Waking up in the morning next to her is refreshing and starts the day off right.

He easily becomes aroused when she’s barely touching him. She notices a bulge in his pants and can’t help but laugh.

He allows her to keep feminine stuff in the house. All of the sudden the bathroom turns into a beauty zone. US weekly mags are everywhere!

He’ll buy the furniture she likes and willingly keeps her picture next to his bedside.

She becomes part of his family and is invited to celebrate the holidays. He wants her in his life in every way possible.

He starts taking care of his appearance more and wants her opinion in whatever he wears.

He starts to think long-term and shares future plans with her. He surprises her with a puppy, and all of a sudden they’re parents!

He will go out of his way to see her. I remember one time I had a boyfriend who jumped in his car and drove 5hrs to see me, totally random, no questions asked.

When he falls hard, all other women don’t matter. Temptations go away and he his eyes light up when he sees her. She won’t have to ask if he loves her, she will just know.