7 Ways Hiring a Dating Coach can Help Improve your Dating Strategy

7 Ways Hiring a Dating Coach can Help Improve your Dating Strategy

We have experts in all areas of our life-finances, personal trainers, interior designers, and Real Estate. Yet we often forget or feel nervous asking for help when it comes to dating or matters of the heart. Shannon Tebb, is a Dating Expert for the past 12 years and has helped many singles overcome their dating fears and reprogram their mindset to attract a valuable partner.

Here are some ways working with a dating coach can benefit you:

1). Boost Confidence

Through a dating coach, you will be able to establish what makes you special and what are your best attributes.  Rebrand yourself as a Single who is looking for love, rather than a divorced single parent. A dating coach can help you identify the key messages and beliefs that may be causing you to feel less confident in dating.  Together, you can find ways to get back out there with confidence and master that initial approach.

Keys to Increase Your Confidence

  • Stop and Reflect- Take time to review past successes
  • Take an Experimental Attitude- try new things
  • Develop Realistic Self-Awareness- understand where your behaviour comes from
  • Look Confident until you become it- practice in front of a mirror
  • Continually develop yourself- knowledge is critical

2). Improve your Current Relationships-not just for single people

Our world is surrounded by relationships with others.  Knowing how and when to communicate is very important in any relationship.  We focus on how you show up in your current relationships, what value do you offer these relationships and how are your practicing vulnerability.  Simple tips like checking in to see how someone is feeling, remembering the small things, letting go of the past, and learning someone’s boundaries all will help you improve your relationships with others.

3). Help you find self-love

The main role of a personal coach is to bring about deeper change in self-reflection.  With a perspective shift for clients, a dating coach can help you understand yourself better, and provide action oriented ways that you can practice self-love daily.  It is hard for someone else to love you, if you’re not already loving yourself fully or giving yourself time for self-care.

4). Help with your conversation skills

Having great conversational skills is more of an art than a science.  That said, how you strike up a conversation, keep someone’s attention and better yet, someone intrigued to want to continue talking, is all part of higher level conversation skills.  A dating coach is trained to guide you on ways you can practice non- verbal and verbal communication skills for conversing when you are dating, instead of making small talk at the office.  Suffice to say, there is much more playful and fun conversation when you’re on a date so learn ways to flirt and create fun banter between one another.

5). Suggest new places to meet people

A dating coach has insight into where you may have a better chance to meet other singles.  While going online to date is one alternative, there are many good avenues that singles choose to use to increase their chances of meeting new connections.  With most of us being isolated over the past two years, now is a great time to mark in your social calendar new places to visit in the city.  After all we are seeing more people talking to strangers while out at venues as people have been craving that human connection for so long. If you’re unfamiliar and new to Toronto, definitely utilize Shanny as your coach to point you in the right direction.

6). Give unbiased tips

The feedback that you will receive from a dating coach is much more “real” and honest, which will help you move your dating game forward.  While your friends and family mean well to help, they also don’t want to say anything which they feel could offend you.  A dating coach will provide a truthful assessment of your strengths and weaknesses, which will allow you to create a self-improvement plan with action oriented results. Constructive feedback on image, grooming, body language, and date conversation can definitely help you land a second date.

7). Give tips for Online Dating profiles

In our very fast paced world, having an online dating presence is something many singles have.  Not all online dating profiles are alike.  To attract the best matches, your profile needs to stand out and be engaging.  From choosing your best photo’s, to learning more about you to create a great bio, it’s a great step to work with a dating expert who can help you with get matches and move forward to that first date. Learn more about our ONLINE DATING PROFILE EDIT service.

They are many more ways a Dating Coach can assist you with your dating needs. Feel free to reach out at anytime. ASK SHANNY