10 Ways to Raise your Dating Vibe

10 Ways to Raise your Dating Vibe

It’s no lie that we have all been out of the dating circuit for quite sometime. Which is why it’s nice to have a little refresher on how you can reach your full dating potential this season.

Here are some ways you can raise your Dating Vibe:

 1). If you’re using a Dating App, make time for it

This means scheduling in time in your calendar for swiping and replying to messages. Your goal should be to transition from the dating app to texting after three conversations. Try and avoid falling into the “penpal” trap by checking your dates availability and scheduling a meet up!

2). Be clear about who you are and what you want

Think about who you are and what is unique about you. You want to showcase this in your dating profile as well as when you are out socially with new people. Don’t be afraid to be clear about relationship goals and state what you’re looking for whether it’s a serious relationship or casual dating.  Let people know that you are looking for love as well. Inner-circle recruitment can be a great tool to get you connected with other singles.

3). Plan a date that you’re going to enjoy

Now 2 years in and post-pandemic, things are finally opening up again. No longer do you need to stick to messaging and video chats as first dates. So plan something you really would like to do and have a little fun being creative! Another tip I have, is to make a list of your top 5 restaurants you love, this way when he asks you where you want to go, there is no hesitation to recommend a spot.

4). Know what your Non-Negotiables are

This will definitely save you time and energy. Make a list of 5 things you won’t compromise on when it comes to mate selection. In the end it is important to qualify the buyer and make sure you’re both on the same page.

5). Get back to the Direct Approach

The stats are in and Singles are back to meeting organically “out and about”–through places they attend (event, bar, coffee shop, or bookstore) or by being introduced by others. Try striking up a friendly conversation with a stranger and find a common ground. Keep the convo light and casual and less about trying to “pick up” the other person.

6). Worried about being too aggressive? Don’t be…

Some women think that they may come across as aggressive by asking a guy out and still wait for him to make the first move. Times have changed, and I’m a strong believer that you have to be vulnerable and put yourself out there if you fancy someone. Which can mean asking him out first. The worst that can happen is a polite no. Practicing vulnerability will get you closer to your mate.

7). Hire a Wingwoman!

What better way to get out and meet new people than have someone who can bring a little playfulness into the picture. If you’re nervous to venture out solo, a Wingwoman can help break the ice and introduce you to new people and show you around the city.

8). Know when your “type” isn’t working

We are often visually attracted to a particular type, you have the chemistry but can lack the emotional connection you want. If you continue to date the same type of people that don’t lead to fulfilling relationships, then maybe it is time to date outside of your type. Try to focus on how you want to feel, rather than a checklist of attributes you think will make you feel happy.

9). Give it at least 3 dates

Unless the first date was a complete nightmare, go on a second date, as well as third. First date jitters are real and many people do not have an opportunity to be their genuine selves. Also, a person’s character, energy and values can be just as sexy as their looks. So enjoy getting to know your date on more of an emotional level.

10). Lastly, know when to take a Dating Break

Dating burnout is real. It can include feelings of fatigue, loss of interest, self -doubt, hopelessness, and a negative energy around dating in general. Know when to take a break. Also, know when you need time to heal from past relationships. Take time for you before you jump back into dating. Dating is not a race and sometimes you simply need a comfortable pause.