Building Intimacy during the early phases of dating

Building Intimacy during the early phases of dating

In the early stages of dating and relationship building, many struggle to find ways to build intimacy. I think first identifying the different ways that you can build intimacy together is important.

In order to build Emotional Intimacy, it’s important to share your thoughts and feelings with your partner by being completely vulnerable and open. Practicing essential life skills- like self-disclosing, active listening, being curious and receptive to your partner’s opinions and thoughts is key.

Another way is through Experiential Intimacy, when we share experiences together like activities, travel, or trying a new hobby. Building memories together as a couple can strengthen your bond and it’s always nice to reflect back on the fun times you’ve shared together.

Intellectual Intimacy is a sapiosexuals favourite way to build closeness with a partner. Having powerful and inspiring conversations about social, political, cultural, and scientific topics that stimulate your mind can keep that connection going strong.

When we get more comfortable with a partner we build Physical Intimacy by expressing affection through hugging, holding hands, cuddling, kissing and having sex.  If physical touch is your love language, then  physical intimacy is a key ingredient to keep the sparks going strong.

And lastly, Spiritual Intimacy is when we share relaxing moments together through meditation, being in nature, and practicing mindfulness. When we share this type of intimacy we can often sit in silence and feel completely close to one another.`

Other ways that you can also build intimacy, is by creating safety, accepting each other for who you are, showing your appreciation towards the relationship, and being patient by allowing the relationship to naturally progress.