7 Tips to practice during Social Distancing

7 Tips to practice during Social Distancing

During the outbreak of COVID-19, many of us have faced massive challenges. Some have tragically been infected by the virus, and ALL have been instructed to practice social distancing (stay inside) and work from home to help flatten the curve. As a Life Coach and Matchmaker in Toronto, I wanted to spread some positivity along the way and share a few ways we can stay sane and keep it all together.

1. Maintain your regular morning routine.

Continue to wake up to your alarm clock each morning and devote the first 30 minutes to you. Start with a morning meditation, or listen to Positive Affirmations to kick start your day.

Since you’re working from home now, it’s important to dress the part. Alright, I get that no one is seeing you, but in the end you will be more productive showered and out of your pj’s. Plus you never know who might FaceTime you!

2. Plan out your day and make a list of what needs to be accomplished.

Writing down your to-do-list is key. Use your calendar to schedule in time slots to complete tasks so that you stay organized.

If you’re living with a spouse and working from home, communicate work hours and assign a designated work space to avoid interruptions. Also, try and detach from social media and watching the news, not only for productivity but also for your mental health. I was glued to CP24 for most days when COVID-19 hit the news and wasn’t accomplishing much throughout the day. Be diligent and check the news during work breaks instead.

3. Keep BUSINESS going as usual.

Communicate to clients ways that you will support them and what next steps will be. Now is the time for self-reflection. Look back at work tasks you might have been putting off and get started. For example, like creating a webinar, curating new content or starting a YouTube channel.

Ways to stay productive can include cleaning out you’re inbox, going through your calendar from the start of the year and following up with any potential clients. Set up a phone call with clients to check in with them and see if you can assist them in any way.

4. Stay Healthy & Keep Active.

Take your daily vitamins, eat healthy and meal prep throughout the week. Try making a new dish and cook up a storm! YouTube has plenty of guided recipes that you can follow. Show off your dish by snapping a pic and sharing it on your social media handles. You might just inspire someone to get out their apron!

For balance, take a cooking break and order Uber Eats on the weekends, you’ve earned it:) When grocery shopping avoid buying “quarantine snacks” such as chocolate, candy or chips. Just think, if it’s not in the house, you’re not going to eat it. Try these snack alternatives.

At home yoga workout.

Keep moving! Although Toronto gym’s and studio’s have closed their doors, places like F45 & Saana Yoga are still offering free online classes and live sweat sessions on Instagram. Check out Toronto Life’s article to see a full list of instructors you can virtually sweat with!

Get outside! Spend at least 1 hour a day outdoors to keep you and your family from going stir crazy. Soak up some Vitamin D, and go for a walk in the Distillery District, a new neighbourhood, or visit one of Toronto’s beautiful parks. If you enjoy spending time along the waterfront, check out Trillium Park.

5. Stay connected to others.

People are craving human connection more now than ever. Although we are in quarantine mode, I suggest building a “Quara-Team”- which is a support team of close friends to chat with daily. Let’s take texting off the table and replace messages with Voice Memo’s or phone calls instead. People need to hear your voice!

Singles, now is also the time to take advantage of Zoom, FaceTime, and Skype to stay connected to the world. Take initiative and plan a fun virtual night with friends/family! It might just look like the Brady Brunch as everyone will want to join in the fun:)

Thursday night cocktails continued on…

If you’re a movie lover you can organize a Netflix Party! Netflix Party is a Chrome extension that allows you to watch the same film as your friends at exactly the same time and chat onscreen while you do so.

If you’re a music sing-a-long lover, don’t miss Choir Choir’s upcoming Facebook Live SOCIAL DISTAN-SING-ALONG event on Saturday, March 21 at 3pm-6pm and sing your heart out!

6. Invest in a new hobby and have some fun!

With more free time on your hands, why not pick up a new hobby? Do some research online of things you love and see what’s being offered for free through apps and online. Learn a new language on apps like Duolingo, have a video dance party, or pick up that guitar you haven’t played in awhile. 

Get artsy! For parents, if your kids are ages 5-12 and like art, Blank Canvases is offering an online LIVE ART CLASS daily for kids with trained Art Educators at 11:00am and 2:00pm. Email: info@blankcanvases.org

7. Zone out through Meditation and join a free webinar.

Tap into your personal development, connect with new people and join a free webinar offered by experts from across the globe via Zoom. Webinars include: How to Meditate-March 22nd, Increase your Love & Connection-March 25th & Foundational Training-March 28th.

Are you having trouble sleeping at night due to stress? YYOGA is offering IG Live Sleep Meditations with Farzana Jaffer Jeraj all week! Simply follow @YYOGA on Instagram and tune in to their IGTV at 10pm-Fri/Sat and 9pm-Sun/Mon.

As I close this post, I just want to remind us that we are all in this together. Be kind to one another, smile, look each other in the eye, check in with others by helping your community and always stay grateful for your breath.