Shanny in the City is Dating & Relationship expert who is passionate about helping  SINGLES reach their full potential by maximizing their dating lifestyles. She works one on one with her clients throughout the entire process and provides the following services:

Dating Consulting

Dating Consulting sessions help you improve your dating strategies and provides you with a whole new outlook on dating and improves your confidence and helps you land that second date. During the consultation we focus on specific areas that you want to master, setting goals to achieve excellence in these areas, helping you become 100% date ready.

Take advantage of our STRATEGIC DATING Coaching packages:

Single Session: $195 plus HST
3 Sessions- $550 plus HST
5 Sessions – $895 plus HST



Life Skills Coaching

Is there something in your life that is bringing you down? Are you left feeling unmotivated or like you will never find that special partner? Life skills coaching is very essential if you are looking to improve your lifestyle before you share it with a partner. As a certified Life Skills Coach, I wanted to offer a clients the opportunity to learn strong life skills such as effective communication, self-disclosure and active listening that go hand and hand in maintaining a healthy relationships. 60 minute sessions are $195 per hour and include session notes.



Hire a Wingwoman

Are all your friends married and you have no one to venture out with? Then the Wingwoman Service might be just for you!

Putting yourself back out there in the dating world can be both intimating and frustrating. You have attempted to venture out on your own, yet find it difficult to approach the opposite sex, hold a conversation and may not even know where to go to find other singles just like you. By hiring Shanny, as your personal Wingwoman, she will help identify and target specific women/men that you are attracted too and make the initial introduction between you and a potential match. She knows the city well and can help you make connections effortlessly. For a 2.5 hour hour session the rate is $350.