Shanny in the City “Headhunter for the Heart”

Shannon Tebb, is an energetic, intuitive, and creative Toronto Boutique Matchmaker. She has lived and worked in downtown Toronto for the past 15 years and started her Dating Consulting business in 2010. In addition to Matchmaking, she coaches singles and divorcees of all ages, helping them achieve “100% Date Ready” status. She is truly passionate helping her clients find love and maximize their dating lifestyle and be a successful dater.

With a BA in Sociology/Anthropology, she originally wanted to work as a Sociologist. She then decided to shift her studies to the culture of dating. The advice that she provided to singles over the years always proved to be successful, so she felt compelled to start her own personal brand, and soon become known as the “female Hitch”. Growing up in a single parent household, also allowed her to be exposed to different types of relationships and help identify and assess what worked and what needed improvement. Throughout her dating experiences and relationships, Shanny found it easy to pinpoint what men fell in love with, and became inspired to share this knowledge with other single women. She also felt passionate to help single males and females gain the confidence they need in attracting a great partner and become that magnet.

Why hire Shanny as your Matchmaker ?

Shanny has a proven track record in providing singles with the best quality matches leading to lasting relationships. She knows the city well and is always headhunting fabulous singles to join her database. She works closely with her clients and can always be relied upon to provide any last minute dating tips or help them relax before a date. Shanny has established great relationships with other Matchmakers which has also lead to great matches. She can be trusted and is the person that screens and meets with every single client who joins her service. By hiring Shanny, you no longer have to respond to all the online dating messages or hope that your going to bump into your future partner at the local Starbucks. All clients we work with are ready for a commitment not a “hook-up”. Unlike Online Dating sites which are instantaneous, matchmaking is a process that requires patience and openness to date outside of your comfort zone. With the help of a Boutique Matchmaker, your dating needs will be assessed and we will work efficiently to match you with the person you want to build a future with.

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