Why hire a Wingwoman?

It has been proven that a Wingwoman can help ” break the ice”, increase your social value, improve confidence, target what your looking for, improve your initial approach, master effective conversation and take what you’ve learned and apply it to everyday encounters with the opposite sex. Our clients love the Wingwoman session as they learn practical dating tips that can be applied in any situation.

We meet for a pre-consult to discuss your dating needs, skills that you are looking to improve, and choose your wardrobe and location for the session. A Wingwoman session is a 2.5 hour minimum ($400) and includes a venue of your choice, feedback session and date report.

We are also taking applicants for our monthly  “Group Wingnights” which allows you to network and build connections with other singles. All group Wingnights consist of 4 singles (either male or female groups) for a minimum of 2.5 hours.

A great service for Divorcee’s or anyone new to the city.


“I absolutely loved the wing woman service that Shanny in the City provides. I used it a few times and it really helped my confidence and just being out there in the dating scene. For me, I loved it because most of my friends are married and being the single one it was hard going out by myself and meeting new people. But with the wing woman service it’s amazing. Shannon is fun and brings up your confidence. She organized the evening perfectly and I met people that I would never have met on my own. I loved it and anyone single in the city should definitely try this and you can start to meet so many new people. So thank you Shanny!

Female, 38

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