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Are you someone who is feeling stuck? Tired of watching Netflix alone on a Saturday night? Let me introduce you to our Toronto Wingwoman service that we have created for singles or those who are new to the city and are looking to make in-person connections effortlessly.

During the Wingwoman session, we work on the first approach, suggest suitable night attire, help you master your body language and flirting techniques. With the help of a dating expert by your side, all of your dating fears will disappear!

Choose a location & date that suits you best. The 2.5 Wingwoman session is $400, and includes strategic tips for the initial approach, conversation and a debrief session.

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“Going out with Shanny taught me tons of things I didn’t know. It turns out if you’re out with a hilarious, outgoing female “friend” as a wingwoman, it opens up possibilities you might not even have imagined: it really helped me understand the degree to which male attractiveness is about your position in the world: If you’re there with the woman who’s friendly it makes you the most attractive man in the room. I had women interested in me who I would never would have dreamed possible. I’ve been able to use this knowledge on my own, understanding that it’s much more about who you are (position, confidence, poise) than about how you look (though she’ll help you with that, too) Thanks, Shanny, for all your help!”

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