Cast a Wider Net To Improve Your Chances Of Finding Love

Cast a Wider Net To Improve Your Chances Of Finding Love

In a world where it can be challenging to meet your MATCH, it might be wise to reflect on the list of partner preferences you’re seeking and if you might be limiting yourself from finding love.

In our minds, we all have the “perfect” person we believe is right for us.  Have you ever heard someone talk about “his/her type”?  If that was truly your type, then would it not be reasonable to assume that you would still be together?  The reality is that if you’re single, you currently do not have a “type”—you are still in the stages of figuring out your type until you meet him/her.  Sure you might be physically drawn to someone who is tall dark and handsome, but will the chemistry be enough to have a fulfilling relationship?

That being said, if you were to ask many of your coupled friends, you might hear many of them say, “I thought she would never have been my type” or “At first I wasn’t initially attracted to him, he kind of grew on me.” Therefore, you can enhance your chances of meeting your “special person” by casting a wider net— be more open to who you might be willing to meet and give it a fair chance.

Be fluid on the following qualities:

  • AGE— Age is really just a number. If you limit your desired age range to being too narrow and a person falls outside your range, you risk missing a great connection.  What is the worst that can happen if the person is 8-10 years older or younger than your desired age range?  If it doesn’t work—move on.  However, what if it is a great connection?  Give the person a chance to build a connection with you and see where it goes.


  • EDUCATION— Not all great people need to have a Masters degree. There are many self-made entrepreneurs who did not go to university for a variety of reasons.  Entrepreneurs can be some of the hardest working people you might meet and are very successful.  Be open to someone’s educational background and experience they have gained.


  • ETHNICITY or RACE— Attractive people are everywhere. You might surprise yourself with who you have chemistry with, if you give it a chance. Be open to dating different ethnicities and remove stereotypes.


  • HEIGHT— There are many things in life that are out of our control. Height is one of those things that we cannot change.  Lucky are the people who can see past the height of someone and see the wonderful qualities that the person has! A big personality, who is charming, has great energy and intellect can remove your height attraction instantly!


  • BODY TYPE— People come in all shapes and sizes. A body type does not define who you are.  Be open to meeting a person who is compatible with your lifestyle.  Suffice to say, that all of our bodies will change through the years, but it is your personality and spirit which will remain the same.


  • WITH KIDS OR NO KIDS— People come as a package. Some already have kids, some don’t want kids, and some don’t know if they want kids. The good news is that the kids do grow up and have a life of their own!  It is a bit of a moving target for those who may or may not want kids, as people change their mind on this topic throughout a relationship.  If you are in the right relationship, as a couple, you will work this out together.


  • MARITAL STATUS— It is especially important for people who have never been married and are seeking only unmarried people. You really limit your pool and you risk meeting your perfect match who may have previously been married, if you exclude them from your matches. In the end, the goal should be to find the right person for a committed relationship, regardless of their marital status.


  • LOCATION— When we limit our dating proximity to someone only within downtown Toronto as opposed to the suburbs or even a whole other city, we could be missing out on a great partner.  Sure we all want to date someone who is closer to us, to save travel time BUT you know what they say “Love knows no distance.” So if both singles are willing to make the effort to stay connected even through Facetime chats and drive the distance for love, a beautiful relationship can transpire.