7 signs that someone is into you

7 signs that someone is into you

They flirt with you in a good way.

Non-verbal and verbal flirting can go along way especially if it’s done in a fun playful manner. A simple touch, like touching someone’s arm when they say something funny, or brushing off that crumb from her cheek, can show that you have interest in wanting to get to know them more.

They remember the small details and pay attention.

If they follow up and ask you about that important meeting you had or remembered that your favourite food is Italian and pick an Italian restaurant to take you to, then they are paying attention!! Reverting to asking questions about something that is important to you, shows that they are supportive which is a great partner trait.

They get a litter nervous around you, and tend to blush.

Nerves are often intensified when you see someone you like. You can’t help but turn into a shy school girl and blush when he looks at you or enters your space. He might get quiet around you at first and maybe even avoid eye contact. You can trust if he is acting a little strange, he is into you.

They lean towards you when you’re together.

They will take any opportunity to get close to you. This can mean pretending they can’t hear you during a conversation, and they lean in to intensify those sparks.

They ask you what you’re looking for.

They care about what type of relationship you want and might even ask you if you want children in the future. Rather than looking at this as them asking a “too personal” question, know that they are seeing if you are both aligned with your relationship goals.

They stare at you when you’re across the room.

Energy is something that can’t be explained. Often if someone is into you, they can feel you enter the room and can’t help but take their eyes off you. They watch you from a far, not in a creepy way but rather out of admiration.

They communicate on a daily basis.

It’s not about playing it cool and checking in every few days. When they like you, the communication will be consistent versus sporadic. Even if it’s a simple text to check in with you. Be responsive back if you like the person and continue to build a bond together.