Advice for Singles Dating During the Coronavirus

Advice for Singles Dating During the Coronavirus

During COVID-19, connecting digitally with friends/family over Zoom, and FaceTime has made all the difference. It’s connected us all on a deeper level and has even become the new norm for dating. Matchmaking has now transitioned to matching clients virtually.

Since this pandemic, many of us are left wondering – Are we really supposed to put our love lives on hold? We think not. Not only do you have the fear, I’ve just met someone a few weeks back and now I can’t see them? Yes, it’s true. Everyone must continue to practice physical distancing. This is the time to be strategic when dating and brush up your communication skills.

As a Matchmaker, I’ve noticed that our Toronto Singles are still excited to meet someone, even if they are tied to their couch. Some prefer to wait until this subsides and meet their match in person, while others are open to the idea of starting with a phone chat followed by a Virtual Date.

The idea of the Virtual Date can sound unappealing, frightening and just awkward. The response I often get is “I look terrible on camera!” That being said, I’ve coached many singles on ways you can make it an enjoyable experience. The more virtual dates you have the more confident you will be. Like they say, practice makes perfect.

Virtual Dates done right

Dating Apps have reported that there has been a rise in people chatting online with their match, longer than before. The virtual first date obviously keeps people physically distant, but it can enable more intimacy so please give it a try.

Top 6 Tips for planning a Virtual Date:

1. Plan ahead and pick the best time when you feel refreshed and present to schedule the date. Platforms to use for a virtual date include FaceTime, Zoom and Google Hangouts. 

2. Look First Date Fabulous-that means putting on something colourful (it is Spring) that works well with your skin tone and is flattering. Style your hair, put-on some makeup. Guys-shave and iron your shirt:)

3. Environment-wherever you position your computer, make sure the area in the background is spotless. No one wants to see dirty dishes in the sink or a messy bed. Zoom also has a feature where you can chose your own virtual background, so choose something smart that showcases your hobbies and interests.

4. Lighting & Camera Angle-test this ahead of time, and use a soft lamp to remove shadows on your face or natural sunlight to brighten up the screen so it doesn’t look like you’re in a cave. Position your computer eye level, and use books to prop. To be really efficient, you can have a FaceTime chat with a friend, prior to the date, to get their feedback on how you show up virtually.

5. Conversation-Avoid talking about COVID-19. Instead, discuss what you have been up to, hobbies/interests, new recipes you tried, Netflix shows you love and things that light you up. Always remember to share the floor and treat the convo as a game of ping-pong.

6. Have fun!-Play your favourite music in the background to help you relax, and be open to paying your date a compliment about their sense of humour or personality. Always remember to smile, maintain eye contact and be expressive.

If any singles or couples require support during this time, please feel free to contact us