The Blind Date

The Blind Date

Finally, after your friend has made countless attempts at trying to get you booked to go on a blind date with “that handsome, funny guy who is perfect for you” you cave in and mark your calendar.

The date day has arrived and a thousand questions pop into your head such as: what should I wear? (the sexy low cut shirt or the conservative classy white satin one) where do we go? (do I pick a hot restaurant or Starbucks?) If I like him do I extend the date? (go back for a glass of wine) Heels or flats? (what if I end up being taller then him)

One way to resolve all these burning questions is too STOP asking yourself them and simply go on the date, be you, and leave all your expectations aside.

Here are some blind date tips that might work in your favor:

1. PLAN wisely and always meet in a public place such as a restaurant, lounge, or coffee shop. Break the ice by contacting your blind date via email or phone so that you can get a sense of your date’s personality and discover what kinds of interests you might have in common.

2. BE PUNCTUAL and arrive on time. If your running late give your date a call and estimate your arrival time.

3. DRESS to impress but make sure you are wearing something that isn’t too revealing. Always choose an outfit that is comfortable, but you know you look smashing in.

4. BE YOU when meeting someone new, especially a potential mate. Don’t try too hard to do and say the right things. Instead let your personality shine and stay positive.

5. DO DRINKS instead of dinner. Drinks are way less pressure and give you an early out if you aren’t wanting the date to be prolonged.

6. AVOID THE EXFACTOR. Never discuss a past relationship or talk of children/marriage on the first date. Stay in the here and now, not the then and there.

7. BE COURTEOUS and classy. Having an attitude of gratitude can go along way. Saying please and thank you when needed shows you are polite.

8. BE FLEXIBLE. If your date had to cancel at the last minute because something came up, you can always reschedule.

9. COMPLIMENT your date on something besides his/her looks. For example, like his extended wine knowledge.

10. ACTIVE LISTENING during the date is a must. Let your date finish his/her sentences and share your thoughts. Maintain eye contact, positive body language and give him your full attention.

11. AVOID INTERRUPTIONS by turning your cell phone off. Also, try not to pick a location where your going to know everyone and get interrupted by constant “hello’s”

12. DON’T drink too much alcohol on the first date. No man is looking for a tipsy girl to bring home to the family.

13. FOLLOW UP the next day with a phone call or e-mail message if the date went well. Something simple like “I had a great time last night, let’s get together again sometime when your free”.

Good luck and knock’em dead!