How to Navigate a Long-distance Relationship

How to Navigate a Long-distance Relationship

So you made a great connection but they live in another city. Now what do you do? Are you willing to give this connection a fair shot and navigate your way through the distance?

We chatted with two different couples who gave us necessary tips to keep the relationship going strong. Firstly, ensure your expectations are clear. Is this a monogamous relationship? How often do you plan to visit one another? You also want to discuss the travel expenses and determine who is paying for what. In the first couples case, they each pay their own way when taking turns to visit one another.

You also want to have a long-term goal put in place says the second couple. If the relationship is growing at a steady pace, eventually someone will have to make the move to end the long distance. Another great tip, is to avoid trouble. Don’t put yourself in environments where you know your partner would have a problem with or you might have the urge to cheat.

Communicate at a level that works for you and give some space. Treat a scheduled phone call or a Skype session as a date and block that time in your calendar. The first couple also suggests scheduling another date at the end of the current date. This way you have something to look forward to and expectations are clear.

Use technology to your advantage, and send naughty/flirty text messages, throughout the day letting your partner know that you miss them. Reminisce about the fun moments you shared and new plans you look forward to. Sharing articles or photo’s with your spouse also shows that your thinking of them.

If you are feeling a bit distant with one another, consider scheduling a call where the two of you are in the comfort of your own home where things can get a bit heated. Just because you are far apart, it doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in some intimate moments together.

Pay attention to what is happening in your partners life. Check in with them and ask specific questions to show support like how did your presentation go? Another great tip is to clear up any communication issues. Sometimes we want our partner to say certain things to us and feel upset when we don’t hear what we want. Rather then focusing on what he/she didn’t say focus on their actions and how they are committed to making this long-distance relationship really work.

Lastly, always end your evening with a goodnight text or call to your partner wishing them sweet dreams.