Millennials on Dating

Millennials on Dating

If you’re currently between the ages of 22-37, you’re a Millennial. Dating today as a millennial comes with new obstacles and challenges. In this day and age, we’re moving towards a society that focuses more on social media and online interactions. We’re finding it easier to reach out to a potential love interest via Facebook or Instagram, rather than approaching a stranger in our day to day lives.

Our growing addiction to social media is changing the way we interact and date. Thanks to dating apps, we can “match” with a person of interest simply by swiping a finger. It brings us variety at our fingertips with minimal effort. It facilitates hookup culture and depersonalizes our efforts to date. Thanks to social media, we can easily learn a lot about a person without having to say a word to them face to face. The fact of the matter is that 1 in 5 Millennials have or are using online dating apps.

The issue with this, is that often our efforts with the “matches” we find on dating apps hardly ever progress offline. People simply get overwhelmed trying to weed out potential matches, lose interest in redundant introductory messages, or get ghosted before they get a chance to meet. We’re often left experiencing what some call a “dating burn-out”.

What is one emerging trend that is an effective way of avoiding this so-called dating burn out? Group dating, and here’s why it’s something you should try:

1. It takes the pressure off! It’s a great way to have some fun, get to know your date better and feel less of that 1 on 1 pressure if you happen to be shy or an anxious dater!

2. It opens up the doors for dates and activities that are more fun with more people! Your double date bucket list may include checking out a local Board game café or escape room. Team up and create some friendly competition and banter!

3. You’ll get to know them better and vice versa! You may think having other people around will hinder you getting to know your date. The opposite of that is true! You’ll see them when they are their most natural selves with their closest friends.

4. It eliminates the hookup culture expectations. Being around others lets you slow down and really get to know your date. You’ll also get a feel for how they get along with your group of friends.

Group dates don’t have to be boring or a typical double date dinner and a movie. Try indoor skydiving (IFly), visit an adult indoor obstacle course (Pursuit OCR), a pop up art exhibit (Happy Place), buy tickets to a sporting event (Go Jays!), leave the city behind and hit the water (Mariposa brunch cruises), skip the typical club hopping and try a casino night! The possibilities are endless!

-A millennial