7 Holiday tips for Singles

7 Holiday tips for Singles

As we manage to get through the holiday season and answer all of those questions around our current dating status, we may still be feeling a little uneasy during this time of year. Between couples smooching at holiday parties, and midnight kisses on New Year’s Eve, you may just feel like hibernating.

So how can you get through the holidays without potentially feeling alone? It might be easier then you think..

Leave the past behind.
Get rid of those past memories of holidays spent with your ex and try to not click on those overly sentimental movies that will leave you feeling even more sad. Rather than focusing on other couples bliss, shift the focus on you by getting out of your comfort zone and making the most of the holiday season by trying new things.

Create your own holiday traditions.
Decorate your home with Christmas decor to get you into the holiday spirit. Plan ahead and send out some Christmas cards to dear friends to let them know you’re thinking of them. Attend a Christmas Singalong-Choir!Choir!Choir! is always fun. Holiday DJ skates nights along with sipping hot chocolate at the Christmas markets get you out of the house and can be a great opportunity to meet other singles.

Host your own holiday party.
Invite other singles to a potluck dinner party or host your own holiday event. Create a festive drink menu, hire entertainment and have a great night among friends. You will feel great bringing everyone together, and it may just land you a date yourself!

Party hop to festive events and make an effort to flirt.
Scope out the single guys and girls in the room and turn on your charm. Make sure to look your best and be the belle of the ball. If you’re open to meeting new people and willing to seize the moment these holiday parties can be a lot more fun and full of opportunities.

Pamper yourself.
Use that gift money you would have used on a partner to purchase something you’ve always wanted. Joining that Yoga studio, or Bootcamp, plan a spa day, give your home some TLC and buy some new furniture, do whatever tickles your fancy. You deserve it! You worked hard all year.

Give back.
Volunteer your time at a local charity, find a homeless shelter and food bank that is serving meals to the less fortunate and jump in. Christmas is the time to be grateful, so share what you were thankful for by giving to those in need.

Now that you have some new ideas on how you can create the best season yet, I hope you are left feeling motivated to plan your holiday adventure.

As we enter a new decade, reflect on what you have learned from past relationships, continue to love and grow, set new goals for yourself and continue to date yourself until the right person shows up. Always remain grateful for your current relationship status even if it’s just YOU.

Happy Holidays and lots of love from Shanny in the City.