7 Dating Tips for Guys

7 Dating Tips for Guys

It’s Saturday night, you’re out with your single guy friends and have decided tonight is the night for you to break out of your comfort zone and chat with some women. But you still get nauseous at the idea of approaching a girl you can’t seem to take your eyes off of. You know you have a lot to offer, but it’s the rejection you fear most. So how can you create a connection with her without coming across as creepy or a stalker?

Here are some quick tips to follow when scoping out a babe:

1. Eye contact: Once you have an interest in mind, it’s important that she see’s you’re interested in her. By simply smiling and locking eye contact you will get her attention. Also, don’t go over to her right away. You want to build up the momentum and make her wonder who you are. In the meantime, try to focus on chatting with other girls that are around you but still keep her in your radar.

2. Be relaxed: Whether or not you need that extra shot of tequila, do it! You want to remain calm and have a brief idea of what you’re going to say to her before you approach her. If you’re nervous, speaking too low, or lack the confidence, you may loose her attention in the first five minutes.

3. Conversation: Try and remember not to ask the standard questions like “so what do you do for a living?” or state the obvious like “you’re tall”. She shouldn’t feel like she’s in an interview or that you have put little effort into the approach. Be creative, compliment her personality, great smile or infectious energy. Try and determine why this single girl (we hope so) caught your eye. It might help to tie yourself into the physical environment. Mention to her what you like about the venue, do they showcase amazing bands? great food? This should be your ice-breaker to lead to conversation that flows.

4. Break away before the conversation goes stale: If you feel the chit chat is burning out then make a move. Head to the washroom, do a loop then return back to an area where she can still see you, but remain at a distance. Simply focus on having a great time with your friends and if she’s really interested she will land back in your proximity. Also, offer to refresh her drink in her presence. Try to figure out what her interests are and elaborate on them while building a connection.

5. Get her business card or phone number: It’s so imperative that you get her contact info sooner then later. Rather then demanding her number first, do the exchange at the same time. That way there is an equal chance of you both contacting one another. Try and avoid texting her the night you met. If she’s in party mode, she might not read or respond to your text because she’s more focused on getting that late night poutine. Text or call her the next day, or late afternoon for a follow-up.

6. Follow-up text/call: Re-introduce yourself, mention her name (personalize it) and where you two met. Tell her you had a blast, mention what you were wearing or who you were with to refresh her memory. Be patient and wait for a response. If she responds you’re in:) Chat a bit and ask to see her on a Wednesday or Thursday night for a date. Women love a man with a plan so be prepared with a backup. Have a bar/restaurant or activity in mind and confirm a date time and location that works with her schedule.

7. Date Ready: Hygiene-deodarant check, cologne check, gum/mints check, hair groomed check, fingernails trimmed check, nice attire check, clean shoes check and a positive fresh attitude check. You’re well on your way to a successful first date! Good luck:)