10 Qualities of an Awesome Dater

10 Qualities of an Awesome Dater

1) You view dates as an opportunity to meet someone new and make the conversation interesting.
2) You’re open to the possibility of finding love and keep an open mind.
3) You date actively in order to avoid putting too much pressure on things too early on.
4) But you still keep time in your schedule for friends and family.
5) You don’t let yourself get discouraged after a bad date as it’s all part of the process.
6) You don’t over analyze things or make excuses for the guys/girls you date.
7) You don’t put pressure on yourself to meet a dating deadline.
8) You are grateful and polite to your date even if there wasn’t chemistry.
9) You take away something positive from the date and learn what you want even more.
10) You say yes to dates, social events, and when you need it to quiet nights in with your feet up.



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