10 ways to stand out at the office

10 ways to stand out at the office

As a single who is ready to date and wants a relationship you might want to step up your game at the office. I’m not saying to dip your pen in the company ink, but you do want others to know at work that you are a fabulous single who is worthy of a great match. I call this inner circle recruitment. You really never know if Tom in the office has a single brother that would be perfect for you.

Let’s break down some key ways that you can really stand out as a single professional.

Make an effort to connect-Say good morning to everyone you pass, ask how their weekend was and do a follow up chat. If you know they just got back from Europe, ask them how their vacation was. Show that your friendly and acknowledge the people around you.

Participate in the office’s extracurricular activities-Don’t be afraid to jump in and lead an event or volunteer to help with the planning etc. Mark your calendar and try and make at least one event a month and continue to get to know your co-workers.

Speak up and get out of your comfort zone-Offer suggestions, and new ideas during meetings. Chat with at least one new person you haven’t connected with in the office.

Find your personal style and spice up your wardrobe-Just because you are expected to wear business attire, doesn’t mean you can’t be fun and flirty. Go out and purchase a funky skirt that is the appropriate length and pack those stylish heels.

Posture-walk with purpose and make yourself present when you enter a room. Shoulders back, head held high and look people in the eye when they speak with you.

Show you care about others-If someone is having a bad day, ask them if they need any assistance. Pick them up a coffee on your break or buy them lunch to cheer them up.

Have good manners-Always avoid vulgar language, or too many drinks at the office parties and act like a professional and show respect at all times.

Do what you say you’ll do-If you offer to take on a project, be responsible for it. Be authentic, punctual and follow up with your team and stay connected.

Actively Listen-Avoid interrupting others by really listening to what your colleagues have to say. Let someone finish their statement then offer your opinion or suggestions. Be that person at the office that anyone can talk to at any time.

Compliment Others-Rather then being competitive, support and compliment your co-workers. Acknowledge their work, leadership, work ethic and build them up.

How will they know your single? The question almost always gets asked. You can let them know that you are dating, and open to any new opportunities that come your way. Now that you have mastered being an awesome co-worker, remember to brand yourself as a Single and continue to shine!