Is mysterious the new sexy? – He’s this guy

Is mysterious the new sexy? – He’s this guy

We’ve all met the guy who’s captured our interest even more so than usual. There’s just something about him. What is it? He’s mysterious. He gives you just enough to draw you in and leaves you wanting to know more. These men can come across as sexy when they are aloof, coy and quiet. As human beings, we are addicted to information. When key information about someone isn’t obvious to us, they capture our attention leaving us wanting to know more.

Trust me, I always preach to our Matchmaking clients to share, share, share, but at the same time, you have to be careful not to overshare! You want to keep the mystery alive. In some cases saying less is more. What makes them sexy is that they don’t readily overshare every detail about their lives. You have to pull information out of them and you have to work to get to know them. When they’re vague and aloof and don’t tell you details about the day they’ve had, it makes you want to get to know them even more. It’s tough to read their minds and that little bit of uncertainty mixed with their charm will leave you craving more.

What makes a guy mysterious?

You’ll know when you see one! They’re often the quiet guy in the room, who’s sexy confidence radiates a sense of deep fascinating interest. They are private individuals, selective with who they build close relationships with and may have fewer friends. They like spending time alone, are highly intelligent and tend to be very observant. They’re the type to observe situations instead of commenting on every single little thing. They don’t care what others do or say and are less likely to indulge in gossip. Mysterious men are charismatic, soften their body language, are cool-headed and don’t have to go out of their way to impress someone. It is because they are so mysterious and hard to read that you’ll never get bored.

What can you do to add some mystery to your dating life?

When you think of a love interest in a movie, you can usually anticipate what’s going to happen next – it’s predictable. Don’t be afraid to switch it up, be different, put thought and effort into dates! Being that fun and interesting person who lives a busy full life enables you to be mysterious. Keep in mind that there is a difference between being sexy and mysterious and coming off as a mysterious snob. The key is to avoid coming off as unsociable and rude. You can do this by simply showing her/him you’re interested without coming off as needy at the same time. Most importantly, being mysterious shows an air of confidence, you don’t need to force an image of who you are on someone to impress them. In time, you begin to share little pieces of yourself so the connection can progress.

If you want to master your dating skills by adding a little mystery to your dates you can book a session with our Dating Expert.