Walk into a room and own it!

Walk into a room and own it!

So often, I coach singles on how to walk into a room and really leave a lasting impression. You have 7 seconds to make a lasting impression and really get noticed. So let’s get started!

Walk with purpose-Think about why your presence in the room is important. Why would someone want to get to know you? What can you offer the group?

Posture: Your body’s posture says something about how you are standing in life. Not only is posture important for your health, it’s also critical when meeting someone new.

A great tip to improve your stance is to practice standing in front of a mirror and do the following:

1) Stand with your feet hip-width apart.
2) Plant your feet and flex your butt to get your hips in alignment.
3) Flex your abs, shrug your shoulders up, pull them back and let them drop.
4) Bring your head into alignment, and imagine that there is a string connecting your head to the ceiling.

Voila! You are standing at your best possible position. Yoga is also a great exercise to help elongate the spine and strengthen the core. Practice makes perfect so start signing up for those yoga sessions and remember to practice your posture stance.

Recommended Toronto Yoga Studios: YogaTree, SAANA, Downward Dog