Shanny’s Top 20 Travel Tips

Shanny’s Top 20 Travel Tips

How a couple’s experience traveling together can be a positive one:

1. Pre-plan: pack lightly, for women you don’t need to pack ten pairs of shoes. Choose to pack a couple of outfits for dinner, keep in mind during the day you will most likely be in your swimsuit.

2. Be organized, set your alarm well ahead of time so you’re not rushed getting to the airport or keeping your spouse waiting.

3. Be respectful towards your partner and his/her suggestions and feelings.

4. If your man has an idea to go sight seeing for the day then be open to his plan.

5. Watch your alcohol consumption. Its fun to let loose a little but not to the point where you need a babysitter.

6. Pay attention to your spouse and try to refrain from flirting with other women/men or doing a complete head turn when a good looking person passes by you.

7. Take some time away from the beach/pool to relax in the room. Perhaps, taking a Jacuzzi. This will also spark intimate moments between you and your partner.

8. Stay organized, neat and tidy. Although there is housekeeping, you still want to show your spouse that you can be clean and organized.

9. Designate your side of the room so that your spouse feels like he/she also has their own physical space in the room.

10. Discuss and pre-plan what activities you would like to do throughout your vacation so you don’t miss out on all the resort/destination has to offer.

11. Compromise: if you know it takes you awhile to get ready then suggest getting ready before your partner. Try to be quick, yet look your best.

12. Book a nice relaxing couples massage or dine at your favourite restaurant.

13. Rather than talking about the stage of your relationship, just enjoy the moment and keep conversation light and fun.

14. Stay positive! If you’re in a bad mood then acknowledge that and spend some time alone. Go for a run, nap etc.

15. Pack health items such as bug spray, Imodium, aloe vera, sunscreen to avoid sickness and complaints. Offer to share these items with your spouse.

16. Capture moments that seem meaningful, don’t overdo the snapshots. Some men prefer limited picture taking.

17. If you tend to snore while you sleep then bring a set of earplugs for your spouse to use so that he/she sleep is not interrupted.

18. If you can, STAY off your cell phone and computer/email. This is your vacation time together so make the MOST of it.

19. Carry a map with you of the city or resort so that you don’t get lost or become frustrated.

20. Last but not least, have an attitude of gratitude. Recognize when your spouse does something nice for you throughout your vacation and communicate how that made you feel.