How to Create a Promising Online Dating Profile

How to Create a Promising Online Dating Profile

Step 1-Be Patient
After browsing new online matches try not to give in by sending him a message or a wink. Always let him be the one to contact you first, men like to be the hunters so let them hunt. No matter how cute he is, you want to maneuver him into making the first move.

Step 2-Picture Perfect
When deciding to post a profile picture, hire a professional photographer to take a great photo. Not only does this strengthen the chances of you landing messages from potential dates, but it is also a great ego boost. Getting your hair and makeup done by a professional feels wonderful and can help eliminate any outer insecurities you may have in regards to your appearance.

Step 3-Show it all
Always include at least one quarter length shot of yourself. A man wants to see the whole package and may think you aren’t in shape if your pictures are solely head shots. Always smile in your portraits as you must appear engaging, inviting and more importantly HAPPY.

Step 4-Catchy Profile
Write a happy, flirty, fun profile that highlights what you have to offer as a mate. Try and pick a flattering profile name that is catchy yet sophisticated. When writing your profile, lead with your strengths and use words such as energetic, attractive and sharp. Describe your profession and then focus on what you’re looking for in a partner.

Step 5-Be Honest
The most important thing to remember about presenting yourself online is to be absolutely, 100 percent honest. People can lie about their ages, professions and even their marital status. Being honest will only get you further ahead, and help eliminate potential embarrassment if in fact you aren’t looking so hot like your profile picture suggests.

Step 6-Filter
Delete the undesirable quickly because these messages can fill up your mailbox instantly. If there is no chemistry or substance to his profile then delete, delete, delete.

Step 7-Connect
If you found someone interesting online that you connected with, try to get to know him online before meeting in person. Never give your home address or phone number and agree to meet in a public place like a restaurant.