Dating DOs and DONTs

Dating DOs and DONTs

What you say, how you say it , and what you do (or don’t do!) on a date can either lead to something more, or could have your date running for the hills. If you’re having trouble getting a second date, you might be committed some of the deadliest dating sins. Here are a few pointers of DO’s and DONT’s on a first date.


1. DON’T name your potential kids or talk of children/marriage on the first date. It could cause him/her to flee before the dinner arrives.

2. DON’T bring up the ex conversation, like so why did you two beak up? If you do, don’t say anything degrading, this will show you’re not over him/her. You’re starting a new relationship so empty your luggage at the door.

3. DO show respect and be courteous. Please and thank you go a long way.

4. DO be flexible. If your date had to cancel at the last minute because something came up, you can always reschedule.

5. Gentlemen, assume you are paying for the first date. DO bring cash or credit card to the first date. If the woman offers to go dutch then make that call but expect to pay on the first date.

6. DO hold doors open for her. And let her take your arm if the grounds are slippery.

7. DO compliment the other person. If your date is an absolute beauty then compliment something other then her looks. For example, like her extended wine knowledge.

8. DON’T interrupt your date while he/she is talking. Give them your full attention.

9. DON’T drink too much alcohol on the first date. No man is looking for a tipsy girl to bring home to the family.