Cuffing Season Is In Full Effect

Cuffing Season Is In Full Effect

Tis the season for singles to be gravitating towards warm bodies and looking for someone to snuggle up with now that the temperature has dropped. With Christmas and New Years Eve fastly approaching more singles are putting time aside for “date nights” and putting themselves out there a little bit more.

What is “Cuffing”?

“Cuffing” made it into the Urban Dictionary in 2011, and is defined as “The time during the fall and winter months that singles find themselves desiring to be cuffed or tied down by a serious relationship”. It’s also the busiest time of year for Online Dating sites & Matchmaking services as most singles are hoping to bring home someone special over the holidays to meet the parents.

It’s also the time of year when you might be getting contacted by ex’s or former flings randomly asking “How are you?” Rather then venturing backwards and hooking up with old flings why not take full advantage of cuffing season and end up on top (literally) with someone new.

Here are 6 tips you can practice to be successful during Cuffing Season:

1) Market yourself: let people know that you’re looking for a partner and ask them to set you up. Would this come off as a bit desperate? Not at all. This is called Inner-Circle Recruitment and it can work beautifully.

2) Start Swiping again: if dating online, this is the time to update your dating profile. Replace new photos that match the season and are current. Devote some time to respond to messages and stay active online. Side Note-If you are having trouble managing online dating messages etc, we provide consulting to assist with messaging and connecting with new singles.

3) Be open to working with a Matchmaker: Do your research and see what Matchmaking agency suits you best.  You have to establish trust, be comfortable and open to share exactly what you are looking for in a partner. If you need to brush up on your dating skills, schedule in time to meet with a Dating Coach to assist you beforehand.

4) Keep options open: Don’t get confused with a seasonal fling, rather date as many potentials until you find the best one to secure a relationship with. Also, ditch the idea that you have a specific “type” and start dating outside of your comfort zone. This means height, age restrictions etc. Be open to meeting every single person face to face to give it a fair chance.

5) Reinvent Yourself: Have you had the same look over the years? Maybe it’s time to switch it up and try a new hair style or hair color. Revamp your wardrobe by booking a Shopping & Styling session and put in that extra effort to keep yourself looking polished. We all know when you dress better you do better.

6) Get involved: Think Community. What has been an organization that you have wanted to devote some time to by volunteering?  Or what are some community groups that would help you meet people outside of your conventional circle. Think book clubs, sports teams and even cooking groups.

A positive note to “Cuffing Season” is that couples who “cuff” during this time might not expire into the spring season, as a stronger connection can be built spending time one on one. But there is a general mutual understanding that the relationship could be temporary. So use your best judgement. You can protect yourself by communicating with your partner and keeping expectations clear.

On a positive note, cuffing may actually bring courtship back into the equation allowing for more couple’y time together and dinners in. People are more willing to be dedicated to someone in the winter months so get out there and explore new neighborhoods in the city.

Happy Cuffing!