7 Tips to Become Date Ready

7 Tips to Become Date Ready

♥ Always practice ACTIVE LISTENING. It is very important to listen to what to what your date has to say. Offer a response to their comments only when they are done speaking. We all want to be heard so be courteous and pay attention.

♥ Before going on the date keep a mental note of his or hers interests/occupation on your mind so you can ask VALUABLE questions that keep the date interesting.

♥ It’s nice to choose a spot that’s not too loud for a date because you want to be CONCENTRATED on the other person’s conversation. Quiet spots are more romantic as well.

♥ CONFIDENCE – Self confidence is an obvious trait we all work towards enhancing. Keep in mind that this refers to the ability to love and respect one’s self. So start from the inside out and learn to really value yourself.

♥ PRESENTATION – Once you’re filled with confidence and love for yourself it’s time to look and feel great. Presentation will always catch a man’s attention. Dress in outfits that suit your shape, choose colors that flatter your skin tone, wear darker clothes on your larger body parts, accessorize areas that you would like to draw attention to, and finally always have great posture. These all will take years off your age and make you appear far more composed and self assured.

♥ ORIGINALITY – Originality goes hand in hand with loving and being true to oneself. It is one’s uniqueness that draws us in, but having soul is an added dimension.

♥ SOUL – To have soul you need to be alive, focused in the here and now, and truly genuine. Always see the best in yourself and others. Express an attitude of gratitude for what you have in your life, and be fun and playful at the same time.